Thrown weapons as shown in the inventory.

Thrown weapons are a type of weapon in MyBrute. They are characterized for being small and having the unique ability to be thrown and unlimited amount of times at an opponent. Thrown weapons do not rely on Strength as much as other weapons do, but on Agility, since Agility influences the damage these weapons do on a more notable degree. It should be noted that Strength is confirmed for also influencing the damage Thrown weapons do, but at a lesser scale.

Brutes that have a style revolving around these weapons are commonly known as Ninjas, in reference to the title of the same name.

Thrown weapons use their unlimited throwing to deal low, but constant damage to their opponents. When a brute has a Thrown weapon as the only weapon, that brute maintains it in hand untill it gets disarmed, stolen with Thief or when the brute uses Hammer or Thief. This means that Ninja brutes usually avoid other weapons, Thief, and Hammer in order to take the most advantage of the weapons' unlimited supply.

List of Thrown weaponsEdit

There are 3 weapons in this category, they are:

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