Normal Female and Male stances.

In MyBrute, there are 3 types of Stances aside from the ordinary ones. A brute may obtain a stance at the beginning of their destiny and it does not count as a level up choice. If a brute has a stance and chooses New Destiny, the brute will lose their stance. Stances are extremely rare so it comes to no surprise if your brute never obtains one.

Male stancesEdit

Crane Stance Edit


Crane Stance

A brute extends it's right arm, bends it's left arm and raises its right leg to the height of it's knee.

Gorilla StanceEdit


Gorilla Stance

A brute extends both arms slightly forward and lowers it's back.

Female stancesEdit

Fencing StanceEdit


Fencing Stance

A brute extends it's right arm forward, slightly turns it's body sideways and extends both legs.


Here are sample fights with each of the stances

Crane Stance

Crane Stance 2

Backup Crane Stance

Gorilla Stance

Fencing Stance