Skill Type



Semi Rare


Gives you acces to other brute's cell.

Spy is a Talent in MyBrute. It costs 1 death to activate and lasts until server reset. When activated, you obtain the ability to view any brute's inventory. Spy doesn't display a brutes recent fights, deaths, experience, number of victories or the 'Train your Brute', 'Visit the hospital', 'Enter Tournament' and 'More Games' buttons. It displays a brute's stats, skills, weapons, pets, owner and the brute's appearance. It works on every brute, even when you're using another one of your brutes to visit cells. This talent can be activated with 2 deaths.

In Game textEdit

"By carrying our some reconnaissance missions before you fight, you'll avoid long hospital visits."

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Espion
Germany Flag German Spion
Spain Flag Spanish Espia

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