Skill Type



Semi Rare


Randomly disarms one of you opponent's weapon when taken out.

Saboteur (not to be confused with the Passive Skill, Sabotage) is a Talent in MyBrute. It costs 1 death to activate and lasts until server reset. When activated, each opponent of training fights will have one of their weapons sabotaged (unknown prior to its withdrawal). When that weapon is withdrawn, the word "SABOTAGE" will appear above it and it is immediately dropped. The opponent then loses 100 initiative, giving a free attack for your brute in general. Saboteur does not work on opponents without weapons or during tournaments. This talent cannot be activated with 2 deaths.


Saboteur on Flail

In Game textEdit

"From foam hammers to plastic swords, you're fake weapon king! Your opponents won't notice until it's too late."

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Saboteur
Germany Flag German Saboteur
Spain Flag Spanish Saboteador

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