Leek has 100% Reversal Rate

Reversal Rate is a Hidden Stat in MyBrute. It determines how often you will strike right after your opponent ends their combo (i.e. about to run back). Hostility increases Reversal Rate by 33%. Both Racquet and Leek have 100% Reversal Rate when wielded.

Skills that influence Edit




List of weapons by Reversal Rate Edit

These are the values of Reversal Rate for each individual weapon:

Weapon Name Reversal
Axe Axe -20
Baton Baton 30
Broadsword Broadsword 10
Bumps2 Bumps -30
Fan Fan 50
Flail2 Flail 0
Frying pan Frying Pan 0
Halberd Halbard 0
Hachet Hatchet 0
Keyboard Keyboard 0
Knife Knife 0
Lance Lance -10
Leek Leek 100
Mammoth bone Mammoth Bone 0
Morning star Morning Star 0
Mug Mug 0
Noodle bowl Noodle Bowl 0
Piou piouz Piopio 0
Tennisracquet Racquet 100
Sai Sai 0
Scimitar Scimitar 0
Shuriken Shuriken 0
Sword Sword 0
Trident Trident 5
Trombone Trombone 0
Whip Whip -10