Statistics of alpe, upon reaching 100,000 Barbarian.

The records in MyBrute are the maximum extent of an action in MyBrute that have been shared by generous players to the community. It isn't completely accurate since we can't see all the fights but it's the highest we've found. If you have a record, post as a comment in the comment section or in this thread, and it should be added.

Stat Records Edit

Amount Brute Owner
Most HP 2742 Mrszoo5 kokoman
Most Strength 145 (proof) sysadmin lownoiz
Most Agility 136


Vazelarxos Nereus
Most Speed 202 (proof) Prettislut jandreajayne

Assorted Records Edit

Most Damage in One Hit 900 (w/ Sword)
Most Damage in One Combo 2680 (w/ Axe)
Most Health Recovered with Tragic Potion 1127 (out of 2604)

Trophy Stats Edit

Stat Amount User
Barbarian 205261 alpe
Brute 64378 alpe
Tornado 14670 alpe
Perfect! 38057 alpe
Missle 3961 Dmitriy1985
Animal Exterminator 2577 alpe
Counter Attacks 1538 alpe
Replies 3520 alpe
Dodge 5755 alpe
Served Ears 72


Legendary 45 alpe
Show 41 kokoman