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Traps your opponent in a net.

Net is a Super in MyBrute. It allows you to trap an opponent or a pet in a Net, making them unable to attack, counter, dodge, block, or use a super. You can't escape from a net until you are hit again. It is a nice addition if you have heavy weapons that tend to miss your opponent, like Bumps or Axe. It can only be used once per fight.

Pets cannot escape from nets, and will be ignored for the rest of the battle. They escape if their owner wins the battle. If you trap a Bear or Panther in a Net and then throw a Bomb, this will free the pet if it survives the hit.

In Game textEdit

A classic net. Not as cool as Spiderman's, but it's good enough for your opponent... Your enemy will be immobilised until you hit him again.


There are 3 known bugs for Net.

Brute breaks net by itselfEdit

  • If Net is thrown while a backup is on screen, the brute will not attack until the backup leaves, and will break the net by itself.
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Counter-attack negated by NetEdit

  • If a brute with Counter-Attack is netted, the breaking combo will not trigger the skill even if he/she blocks the preceding hits.

Net used twice on same targetEdit

  • This bug appears when a brute uses Net, then his backup appears and uses net on the same target again. The first net will appear to break, but the second net will remain.
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In BattleEdit



Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Filet
Germany Flag German Netz
Spain Flag Spanish Red

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