Iron Head




Skill Type



Semi Rare


Your opponent's weapons get disarmed when it hits you.

Iron Head is a Passive Skill in MyBrute. It increases Disarm Rate by 30% but only when an opponent hits you with a weapon. This can be activated either when you get hit successfully or you block the attack.

Thrown weapons can be disarmed as well when your opponent counter/return and the ability is triggered.

In Game textEdit

"Your opponent will be damaged by his own blows!"


  • This skill is unique in the way that brutes cannot passively disarm opponents without this skill.
  • The in game description is misleading. Opponents cannot be damaged by this skill and actually there are no skills that reflect damage to opponents.

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Tête de fer
Germany Flag German Eisenschädel
Spain Flag Spanish Cabeza de acero

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