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Launches random weapons from your inventory.

Flash Flood is a Super in MyBrute. It consist of throwing random weapons in your inventory at your opponent. This attack always hits your opponent, ignoring the pets. The number of weapons you throw is approximately half of the current number of weapons you have rounded down. It will not activate if you have less than 3 weapons in your inventory, not counting weapon in hand.

The damage is determined by your Agility and is influenced by Armor. It can occur only once per fight.

In Game textEdit

"Walking around carrying 100 kilos of weapons is very tiring but you have found a clever way of traveling light."

In BattleEdit


Flash Flood


There is one rare bug of Flash Flood with the skill Survival:

If your opponent has Survival, you using Flash Flood that drops your opponent's health to <1 may not trigger it. Instead, your opponent may be defeated with 1 health left graphically.

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Sometimes the opposite happens: a brute with Survival may appear to be defeated (the HP bar is empty and the avatar is crossed) after receiving damage from Flash Flood but actually not. The glitched brute continues to fight until receiving another damage instance, which makes them finally defeated.

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Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Déluge
Germany Flag German Sintflut
Spain Flag Spanish Diluvio

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