First Strike




Skill Type



Semi Rare


Gives you the first 2 strikes.

First Strike is a Passive Skill in MyBrute. It increases Initiative by 200 during start up. It is one of the most vital skills in MyBrute, since it can either be a few extra hits, or avoid getting a few extra hits if your opponent also has First strike.

In Game TextEdit

"Your opponents enter the arena slowly, but you prefer to get stuck in straight away! You're always the first to attack!"


Sometimes, a Backup brute will find the inner strength to just keep attacking... forever. When this bug activates, the Backup brute seems to not lose initiative or health, and will constantly attack until the opponent is defeated.

A possible trigger for the bug to happen is when a backup is in possession of the skills First Strike, which increases initiative. It's highly recommended for any backup brute, even when the bug doesn't happen, since initiative still works with backups.

Since backup brutes don't have a determined health, they can fight all they want, even when hit repeatedly over their HP.

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Sang-Chaud
Germany Flag German Erstschlag
Spain Flag Spanish Sangre Caliente

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