Endurance is one of the four main Stats in MyBrute. It determines the amount of HP a brute has, where each Endurance point is equivalent to 6 HP. It is the only main stat that can be in 0.

Skills that influence Edit








HP Edit

HP is the amount of damage a brute can receive before being defeated. When a brute receives the sufficient amount of damage that completely reduces its HP, the brute will crouch down and the fight will end (with Survival, the brute will live on the last hit once, the next hit will be the one that causes the fight to end). The base HP is 50.

There exists two types of HP, Standard HP and Complementary HP.

Standard HP Edit

Standard HP is the HP that doesn't get modified by a Skill or by obtaining a Pet. When a brute receives a Pet that reduces a brutes Endurance to 0, Standard HP will be maintained on a brute, without being reduced from the total HP. Every level, a brute will receive 1, then 2 Standard HP.

There is a formula to calculate Standard HP, which is the following:

$ Lv= Brute's level $

$ (Lv-1)*1.5+50 $
* The result gets rounded down.

Complementary HP Edit

Complementary HP is the HP that is obtained upon receiving Endurance points, and each Endurance point is equal to 6. Complementary HP is modified when receiving skills, and is reduced upon receiving pets. Upon receiving a pet, Complementary HP will be reduced the following:

To calculate Complementary HP, all you need to do is subtract Standard HP from Total HP. To calculate the amount of Endurance points your brute has, take your Complementary HP and divide it by 6.

$ TH= Total HP $

$ SH= Standard HP $

$ (TH-SH)/6 $