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Dog is a pet in Mybrute. They have 14 health. What dogs lack in endurance they make up for in speed. Dogs hit for 4 to 6 damage points and often Multi hit.

Dogs are great as living shields and will take at least one attack for the brute that it fights for, since enemy brutes that attack with Fierce Brute and Hammer (usually fatal) have a ≥50% chance of hitting the dog instead of a brute.

Dogs are particularly weak against brutes with Armor - armor reduces a dog's attack to 1 damage. Typical dog attacks versus brutes with the Toughened Skin skill are reduced to 2 to 4 damage.

Picking a dog decreases the base endurance points of a brute by 2 points, 3 when you have Vitality, 7 if you have Immortality and 8 if you have both.

Players can have up to 3 dogs. Dogs can be paired with either a Panther or a Bear, but never both.

Other Languages Edit

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Language Name
France Flag French Chien
Germany Flag German Hund
Spain Flag Spanish Perro

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