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Semi Rare


It allows a brute to join you for a couple of turns.

Backup is a Talent in MyBrute. It costs 1 death to activate and lasts until server reset. This talent lets your brute join in any other of your brutes fights, for typically 2-3 attacks. The backup brute will only help brutes with a higher level than itself (regardless of rank). It does not activate in tournament fights. This talent can be activated with 2 deaths.

In Game textEdit

"Friendship is all about sharing. Luckily for you, you've learnt to share your blows with your opponents so that they can have some too!"


Infinite initiative backupEdit

Labrute muxxu bug

Labrute muxxu bug

Sometimes, a Backup brute will find the inner strength to just keep attacking... forever. When this bug activates, the Backup brute seems not to lose initiative or health, and will constantly attack until the opponent is defeated.

A possible trigger for the bug to happen is when a backup is in possession of the skill First Strike, which increases initiative. It's highly recommended for any backup brute even when the bug doesn't happen, since initiative still works with backups.

Since backup brutes doesn't have a determined health, they can fight all they want, even when hit repeatedly over their HP.

Flash Flood damage transferEdit

Flash Flood bug

Flash Flood bug

Bug with Flash Flood on a backup

A really strange bug occurs when there is a Backup brute fighting alongside the main brute. If the opponent uses Flash Flood and hits the Backup brute, the damage is actually transferred over to the main brute, despite the HP bar not visually showing it. This becomes evident due to a brute being defeated before the HP bar is emptied.

Trivia Edit

  • If a brute activates Backup and is retired, the brute will continue to enter fights as a Backup.

Other languagesEdit

Main article: Language
Language Name
France Flag French Renforts
Germany Flag German Backup
Spain Flag Spanish Refuerzos

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