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Decreases damage recieved.

Armor is a Passive Skill in MyBrute. It grants you +5 Armor stat but decreases your Speed by 10%. It also slightly alters a brute's appearance. In higher levels, this skill becomes less useful since the damage it reduces becomes less noticeable.

In Game TextEdit

"What's this? It's a coat of armour. The idea is that you put it on over your t-shirt so it doesn't get dirty. It also helps to protect you from your [opponent's blows]"


If you just want to avoid armor brutes all together, just watch out for the differences in the appearance. Here are the differences:


  • Barbarian: Obtains boots, fur on his back and protective gear on his shoulders.
  • Ranger: Obtains gloves, a thin armband, patches on his knees and his shirt becomes ripped at the edges.
  • Legionary: Obtains a cape, armor on his waist and plates on his shoulder.
  • Samurai: Obtains more armor on his arms and waist.
  • Saiyan: Obtains protective gear on his feet and shoulders.
  • Robot: Obtains more armor covering his arms and abdomen.
  • Boxer: Gets protective gear on his torso and arms.


  • Barbarian: Obtains protective pads on her shoulders, strings hanging from her waist and boots.
  • Ranger: Obtains gloves, patches on her pants and a small jacket over her blouse.
  • Fur Girl: Obtains more fur on wrist and feet.
  • Light Skirt: Obtains boots and a cloth above her skirt.
  • Tight Dress: Outfit becomes longer.
  • Heavy Armor: Obtains more armor on her shoulders, upper body and legs.
  • Boxer: Obtains protective gear on her wrists.

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Armure
Germany Flag German Rüstung
Spain Flag Spanish Armadura

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